7 Things You Should Consider Before Buying A Phone

Brands are launching hundreds of phones every year. Brands like Apple, Samsung, Mi, Vivo, Real Me, One Plus, etc are the ones with higher demand. They keep releasing the new phones with the current trends and with latest technologies. Buying a phone, it doesn’t mean you have the latest phone for a year. Because once you buy any phone, after few months you will get the new phone with upgraded features.  Buying a phone is really challenging now a days, so there are some suggestions from our side you can consider before buying a new Phone.

Processor: Speed and Capability

Speed matters the most when you using a phone. Weather for Video Games or any other application you need a good Processor. Processor is the mind of your Phone on which your overall phone performance depends. Qualcomm Snapdragon, MediaTek and Kirin processors are good ones. In premium phones Snapdragon 865 is the latest one.

Memory: ROM and RAM

Actually, only processor is not the factor for speed, RAM is also the one. And Together RAM and Processor can give a best performance. ROM is the internal memory where you are keeping your files. The more ROM capacity means more files and items you can keep in your phone without any external memory. When you run any application then the temporary and files related to that application will be on your RAM. According to market standard you can go for 6 GB RAM and at least 64 GB ROM.

Battery: Charging and Capacity

Battery is also the one feature to consider while choosing a new phone. At this moment 4000 mAh battery is standard one. If your looking for smartphone with less capacity and configuration then you can also go ahead for 3000 mAh.

Camera: Quality and Sensors

Smartphone companies are focusing more on Camera. 6 Cameras in one phone is available in the market. Only highest Mega pixel is not the parameter we should consider while buying a Phone as More MP equals to best picture is just a myth. 5 MP Camera on iPhone is better than 20 MP on Mi Phones. Camera sensors and their manufacturer matters the most before considering any camera.

Samsung and Sony companies are good when you consider Camera sensors. Omni Vision, Toshiba, SK Hynix, etc are also Camera cheapest manufacturer.

Display: Size and Type

Display is the one that give you the visualize feel of Phone. The size and resolution of the phone matters the most. Less screen size means handy and easy to carry and bigger screen means good for entertainment purpose. Smartphone’s display ranging from 5.5-inch to 6.5-inch and full-HD or QHD resolution should be good choice for the recent trends. Also consider 60-120 Hz Screen Refresh Rate while buying phone is a good option.

UI: Design and Software

User Interface and Software is also the one plays a vital role considering a good phone. The OS should be at least latest android “O-P” version if its iPhone then it must be iOS 12-13. Another phones like Nexus should also be latest.  UI design differs from brand to brand because brands use to redesign their interface from stock android version to give user a smooth Interface. Mi, Honor, Realme, etc having its own Interface. So, Choose wisely according to your need.

Price Comparison with the same configuration’s Phone

The best factor and normal practice we should follow before buying anything is to compare the rates of the product on various sites, different companies with configurations required. Check the respective reviews on many platforms. Now in days of marketing many reviews are paid also, so we have to be little sure about the configuration and costing before buying phone. There are few plugins and tools that help you to compare the prices on different websites.

You can also take advice from a techie, technical experts or bloggers. Best Wishes for your new phone!!

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