An App That Brings The World Together: CitizenChat App

Came across to the stunning app that will let you connect, chat and create good memories in the form of images and videos. This app came to light after the recent incident in the US and grown tremendously in few days.  That app has over 500K+ Downloads, with a 4.1+ rating, this app is not only popular among youngsters but also popular in different age groups.

CitizenChat App is purely made in India and has the power-packed capability to grow a good fan base. Many celebrities and content creators already joined the platform and creating good content. Let’s give a deep light on the few features of the CitizenChat App. I will be also sharing the links to download the app and create your profile.

CitizenChat App Walk-Through:

Video Content

CitizenChat app allows you to create good video content in all the niches with too many good filters. You can enjoy watching various video content and even you can engage.


CitizenChat app comes with an e-learning section where you can learn thousand of new skills free of cost. Videos like ethical hacking, Linux system, Business, Finance and much more categories content you will find easily. This App allows you to learn and boost your skills without any charges. This is really a superb point that will definitely make you fall in their bucket. These e Learning courses are really good and job-oriented.


Like Facebook and other social media platform, you can connect with your friends and strangers. It has some stunning features that are unique and never seen such a concept before. Status update in form of video, images, and others is also available in this app.


Sync your mobile contact and connect with your own people. Apart from that you can connect with a larger audience based on your choice and categories. A global search where you can find a like minded people to build a community or to make a new friend across the world.


CitizenChat app has a lot to watch and learn. You can enjoy the fully entertaining videos and create various content.


There are few good options in chatting that many people like in this app is you can chat with people who are nearby. An intuitive chat option could be the brownie. This app has more than 100+ language supporter translators, cool stickers, and much more. This also includes a live-chat translator feature to understand a language. This app automatically translates into which you want to communicate.


Along with the personal information you can include your Resume in this section. This allows other people to offer a job and recommend someone. The resume section of the CitizenChat app makes you feel like a professional network like LinkedIn. We can simply say this is app is meant for both personal and professional life.

Download and Signup

CitizenChat App is available on App store and Google Play. You can download from the below links:

Play Store (Android) Download:

App Store (iOS) Download:

The purpose of this app is to create a strong network of community growth because according to philosophy, ‘together we are stronger.’ It allows its users to be a part of different communities that offer different types of professional and personalized services, in sync with people’s different needs and profiles.

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