Top 7 Ways to Play Safe Holi

Holi – The Festival of Colors, is celebrated with full zeal and enthusiasm across the country. This festival is also known as ‘Festival of Love’ as on this auspicious day people unite together forgetting all types of bad feeling towards each other.

This festival of colors, is celebrated for a day and a night, which starts in the evening of Purnima or the Full Moon Day in the month of Falgun. The first evening of the festival is known as Choti Holi on which the Holika Dahan takes place and the following day is called ‘Dhulendi’ or Holi. The festival of Holi is known with different names in different parts of the country.

Marking the commencement of spring season in India, the festival of Holi brings a lot of positivity in the lives of the people. Through the festival of Holi, people show love and respect to their close ones with Abeer.

The bhang, gujiyas and different types of sweets, the singing and dancing, drenching our loved ones in colors are great fun, but the aftermath of all this can sometimes be unpleasant, with some people reporting to be suffering from skin rashes, eye allergies and discoloration of hair. As with different type of colors and gulaal available in the market out of which many being adulterated with chemicals, it becomes necessary to play holi in a safe manner so as to ensure that the chemicals in the colors does not adversely affect your health.

So here I am penning down some simple yet effective ways to play Fun, Safe and Healthy Holi.

Getting Yourself Covered:

 Well, this is the first and foremost way. Make sure to cover the maximum part of your body with full sleeved clothes and trousers. You can also apply oil or Vaseline over your entire body before playing Holi. This step surely does wonders in removing the colors easily post Holi.

Tying and Moisturizing Your Hairs:

You can reduce the damage by colors to your hairs, by tying them up. The chemicals in the colors makes the scalp dry, so you can use coconut oil or rosemary oil to prevent the dryness. You can use mild shampoo and lemon juice to prevent dryness. Stains may not go completely in one day, so stop rubbing rigorously and hurting your skin, you can shampoo again nicely the next day.

Using Skin-Friendly Colors:

Using the Natural colors is the best way to play safe Holi. You can try making herbal and skin-friendly colors at home by using turmeric, sandalwood, henna. As using colors that that are adulterated with chemicals may cause skin allergies or rashes in kids as well as adults. The best part of using these eco-friendly colors to play Holi is that they are easy to wash off and doesn’t cause any damage to the skin. And in this way, you will be doing your bit for the nature by not polluting it.

Keeping the Colors Away from Mouth:

As I already said that colors contain harmful chemicals, so it should be noted that they don’t get into the eyes or mouth. Because if they are consumed, they may cause severe reactions like vomiting and can even lead to poisoning.

Water Balloons Should Be Avoided:

Kids love to play using pichakaree and water balloons. The latter can hurt the person whom the balloon is being thrown at. The impact with which it falls on them, may have adverse effect on the skin, eyes or ears. So, advice your kids to avoid playing with them and you should keep a watch on them to ensure their safety as well.

Give and Take Respect:

Make sure to not be rude to your loved ones, or colleagues and to not allow them to be rude either. If someone is not comfortable in getting the color applied on themselves, then you should not force him/her to do so. Unclean behavior should never be accepted and aggressiveness of all sorts should be curbed.

Keeping the Emergency Contact Numbers Handy:

It is always advisable to make a list of emergency contacts and keep them handy to avoid any last-minute hassles. The list of the emergency contacts should include the contacts of your doctor, ambulance, nearby hospitals etc.

The festival of colors is all about bonding and celebrating. Besides adding the happiness and joy to our lives, this festival sometimes also invites sudden accidents. But with the tips shared above, you can avoid the hassles to a great extent and hence can celebrate the festival of colors to the fullest. So get set ready to enjoy the festival of color and love, wholeheartedly.

“May God paint the canvas of your life with the colors of joy, love, happiness, prosperity, good health and success. Wishing you and Your Family a very Happy, Wonderful and Fun-filled Holi”.

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Credit: Sangeeta Agrawal

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