7 Best Way to Reduce Weight

Losing weight is easy if you have control on your diet and few small-small things that you need to take care. I Personally lose weight around 8 Kg in just 20-25 Days. In the end of this article I will list out all the activity and diet plan which I taken to reduce my weight as well as belly fat.

In the current era, we are living in the society with lots of automated work weather its online or in office, People are not doing any physical activities that leads to gain the weight. Although there are so many fitness center and Gym, but people still prefer some home exercise or diet plan to make themselves fit and also, they don’t have time to visit those centers due to their busy schedules.

So, I am not extending those points by writing more words about those excuses and many other parameters that leads to weight gain.

Factors to Reduce Weight

Healthy Food

Healthy Food is really the main factor to reduce the weight. So, eat food with high protein, like pulse. Always Eat protein, fat, and vegetables.

Drink Water

Drinking water is always good for your health and also help you to reduce the weight. Make a practice of drinking water before the food and don’t drink along with Lunch and Dinner.

Eat Slowly / Eat Less

Eating slowly is one of the good ways that you can digest your food, because when you eat slowly you chew it properly also. Don’t eat too less but also at the same time don’t eat too much.


Yoga and Exercise is the remedy for all the health-related problems and its recommended to do some healthy exercise daily that will help you in every aspects of fitness. You can also play games like football, volleyball, Tennis and etc.

Running/ Jogging

Running is one of the best solutions to increase your stamina and at the same time you can burn too many calories by just running and walking. So, make it a habit and then boost your healthy system.

Good Quality Sleep

If you want good Health and stress-free life then Good Quality Sleep is necessary. Good Quality Sleep can burn more calories as compare to watching TV.

Stay Motivated

Motivation is needed in every task you perform. This will help you to stay focus on your goal. Listen your favourite music and do some activities that you like the most to stay motivated and focused.

How I lose 8 Kg weight in Just 20 Days??

Sharing my full day routine that might help you to lose your weight. Morning I use to wake up around 6 AM, Then 10 min for God (Praying and concentration) after that washroom. At 6:30 I used to go to the park and spend 30 min in Walking, Jogging and Running (200-500 walking, 1km- jogging and 2+ KM running). After the running thing, I used to do some Yoga Exercise till 7:30 or 7:45.

Once done with Yoga, I used to go for brush and bath. Then I used to have sprouts and fruits along with half glass of milk. After that I have to catch the company bus at 9:20, and I usually reach office around 10:20 AM. First thing I usually I do in office is to make a black coffee for me and then my work started with it. Around 12:30 I used to go for lunch and their I used to have normal veg food plate.

Again, I use to walk 10-15 min just followed by lunch. Around 4 PM in evening I used to go for snacks and had some spicy things along with a glass of juice. 6 PM is the time when I used to drink Green Tea. Then around 7:30 PM, It’s my Cab time to reach back to my Home. Around 8:10 PM I will be in my Home and then in loud music along with few dance steps was my daily routine.  8:40 PM is the time for Dinner their I will eat 3 roti’s and 2 bowl dal and vegetables. After Dinner also I used to go for walk around 20 minutes then around 11 PM one glass of hot milk with protinex. After 11 PM I used to listen music with loud volume(earphone) and then go to bed.

Some minor changes also I used to do but I think that is not important to share. Just repeating those things till I reduced my weight from 65 Kg to 73 Kg.

Hope this article help use to reduce the weight. Let me know your thoughts and suggestion in comment below. Also Check out 7 Effective Ways To Stay Away From Summer Skin Issues

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