5 Simple Tips to Start Meditating

In the hustle bustle of everyday routine involving work, stress, pressure and time deficiency; we often feel bogged down and seek some peaceful time. Many times we take a break and go for vacation, but, how often can we do that as well? Life again gets back to the same routine and our body feels the need to relax while the mind craves for peace. Do we have a permanent solution for such an issue? We discuss this question with our friends, colleagues and many times we also receive an answer, “Start meditating”.  Yes, the heart finds it to be a right solution as well. But, how to start is the next question?

5 Simple Tips to Start Meditating

Choose a convenient time

This is the most important thing for keeping up the practice of being a regular mediator. There is no ideal time as such, though it is suggested to meditate around sunrise or sunset while nature transitions happen. Also, you will find the environment to be quieter during these hours.

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Choose a quiet place and a comfortable posture

A place which is quiet and where you will be least likely to be disturbed can be chosen to meditate. Quiet and peaceful surroundings make the experience of meditation all the more joyous and relaxing. Meanwhile, sitting in a comfortable posture while meditating is very essential so that you do not have the urge to move every now and then. There is no rule to sit cross legs or in saint posture as such. You need to just make sure that when you sit to meditate, your spine is erect. You can even take a pillow to support your back or even sit on a comfortable chair to meditate.

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Keep a relatively empty stomach before meditating and do a little bit of warm up

It is likely that you can fall asleep during meditation if you sit to meditate right after having food. Maintaining an hour or 2 hour gap between food and meditation brings great relaxation. Though it is also suggested to not force yourself to meditate when you are extremely hungry, as it might just divide your attention with the thought of food. Once you are ready, do a little bit of warm up exercise to relax your body before you start to meditate.

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Steady the rhythm of breath by taking deep breaths

It is usually a nice way to get into meditation by steadying the rhythm of your breath by taking few constant deep breaths. Further to which you can relax your facial expressions, a smile generally helps.

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Use guided meditation audios and patiently open your eyes

If you face difficulties in meditating all by yourself, use guided meditation audios which are  available on the internet. Plug in your earphones or put it on a speaker, follow the above steps and deep dive into meditation with the instructions guided in the video. After meditation, relax, do not be impatient to open your eyes. Take time to get the awareness of your environment. Slowly and gradually once your are ready, open your eyes.

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Meditation can bring life changing experiences in your life. If you have not started practicing meditating yet, start today!

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