Transform your life just by breathing

On our day to day journey, we often fail to realize that we are here to serve a purpose. Each one of us has a purpose for which we are born as we are born. Sometimes, we make the cause of monotony in our lives part of this purpose or the purpose itself; fooling ourselves. Same old work, assignment, projects, time crunch, deadlines, etc. Are we not failing to live up to that purpose that serves our birth?

Ever noticed that most of the time either we are hanging on to the regrets of the past or fear of the future? What about the present? Ever got a chance to feel the present moment, what’s happening right now? Let’s me ask you a question – tell me one thing that is always in the present? Think, may be minded? No. Heart? No. How about the breath? Yes, breath is one thing which is always in the present from the time of our birth till we surrender to the ultimate truth.  Isn’t it? The reason I am talking about this is that breath has the power to bring you back to the present moment and you have the power to feel and understand your breath.  I will give you a small example – When you have been thinking too much, over and over again, may be a solution for a question or someone’s conversation for a long time without a halt, what happens?  Suddenly you realize you have a headache, maybe. Then you decide to take a break; breathe in deep and breathe out. Don’t you? doesn’t that bring you to the present moment once again?

It’s rightly said that “Quitting your breath can quiet your mind”.

There are various breathing techniques which can help us in living in the present; bringing in positivity by combating stress and leading to a healthier lifestyle. One such technique practiced worldwide is Sudarshan Kriya because of its astonishing healing effects.

Sudarshan Kriya is cyclic controlled breathing practice- rhythmic and sequentially broken up with periods of normal breathing taught by the Art of Living Foundation, a non-profit, educational and humanitarian organization. It has been changing millions of lives showing great results in providing relief from depression and promising reduction in the symptoms of post- traumatic stress disorder in veterans according to the Journal of Traumatic Stress.


People from 156 countries today are practicing Sudarshan Kriya and are interviewed to be benefitted both mentally and physically. The Art of Living organization conducts many variations of courses teaching Sudarshan Kriya all over the world. The organization strives to achieve its founder’s vision of making a “violence free and stress-free, one world nation”.


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